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Martin E. Edwards
Warren County Sheriff



Mission Statement

We, the men and women of the Warren County Sheriff's Office, will uphold the laws in an ethical, impartial, courteous, and professional manner. While, respecting the rights and dignity of all persons regardless of race, sex, creed, national origin, or social status.

In the performance of our duties, the conduct of our personal and professional lives, we will strive to exhibit the highest moral standard of honesty, recognizing that we occupy a position of public trust. Therefore, we base decisions on moral as well as practical concerns, accepting responsibility for our actions.

We will always keep mindful of our pledge to the laws and Constitution we have sworn to uphold, and to remain unwavering in our goal to replace the fear of crime with an abiding sense of safety and security.

 Our History

Warren County was Founded on January 13, 1825

Pursuant to an election held on July 3, 1830 the Warren County Sheriff's Office was established with the election of its first Sheriff, Stephen Sumner Phelps.

Sheriff Phelps
Sheriff Phelps

 In Memorium

Deputy George Darnell EOW 12/7/81


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The Warren County Sherriff's Office serves legal papers to county residents. In addition the Sherriffs Office patrols all the county roads and respond to any calls for assistance in the county. The Sherriff's Office also provides assistance, when necessary, to other law enforcement agencies in Warren County and neighboring jurisdictions. 

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