Warren County Supervisor of Assessments

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Kathleen Elliott
  Supervisor of Assessments - warrencountyassessor@outlook.com

   DeAnna McCurdy - warrencountyassessor1@outlook.com 

   Autumn Chapin - warrencountyassessor2@outlook.com

Assessment and Ownership Information

Assessment Data and current property ownership information is available in person or by phone. The information may now also been seen at https://il1374.cichosting.com/atasportal/  This web portal contains general information only and does not include property record cards or parcel maps.  Property record cards and parcel maps are not able to be e-mailed or faxed but photocopies will be mailed along with an invoice whenever possible if you cannot obtain copies in person.

Things to know when using the web portal:

When you are doing inquires the Tax Year is the same as the Assessment Year.  For example, if you are wanting to see what the assessment or exemptions were for 2017 payable in 2018 you will need to inquire on Tax Year 2017.  NOTE:  Assessments shown online at the Clerk, DOR (Department of Revenue) or Treas (Treasurer) levels are after adjustments have been made for various exemptions applied at the time property taxes are calculated and are not changes to the actual assessed value of the property.

If you are doing a search by address the direction is a single letter, N, S, E or W but the system does not require you to include if it is a street (ST) or avenue (AVE).  Your chances of getting results are better if you stop after the street name especially if you are not sure which it is or how it is abbreviated.  If you have a parcel number from a property record card do not enter the 94 since that is the county number and does not appear anywhere in the system.  Parcel Numbers have to be entered with dashes (XX-XXX-XXX-XX) or can be entered in the Alternate Parcel Number field without (XXXXXXXXXX).

General Information

Click here to download or view a listing if the first two digits of the parcel number for each township along with a listing of which town, lake or village is located in each township

Change of address requests must be made in writing and must include a written signature by letter or you can click here to download a change of address request form (pdf),  Completed forms may be submitted to this office by either mail or e-mail.

Contact our office if you have questions regarding qualifications and application proceedures for homestead exemptions in our County. All homestead exemptions require the property be your legal/permanent residence.  Beginning dates and other guidelines vary by exemption once the property becomes your permanent residence.

Online access to frequently asked questions may also be available at the Illinois Department of Revenue website: https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/Pages/default.aspx

For more information regarding Illinois Department of Revenue information on how farmland is assessed go to:  https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/localgovernments/property/Pages/farmland.aspx