Recording a Document

Document Requirements

Full or Complete Legal Description
Prepared by (on property transfers)
Send tax statements to (on property transfers)
PTax 203 (on property transfers in which money exchanged exceeds $100) - PTax 203 form
PTax 203-A (on property in which money exchangd exceeds $1 million) - PTax 203-A form
PTax 203-B (on property for Hickory Grove Lake leased property or a beneficial interest transfer.) - PTax 203-B form
PTax 203-NR (on property current use is Apartment Building or Industrial Building) - PTax 203 NR

Property Address (except farmground or empty lot)
Property PIN (property identification number)

ie: 00-000-000-00

Recording Fees

Recording Schedule - EFFECTIVE September 1, 2016

Documents will be returned without the exact & correct recording fees AND without the required information.